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Marwar is the former name for the city today called Jodhpur and is located in the North-western part of India. As the last reigning Maharani of Marwar-Jodhpur (1947-1949), Regent Rajmata Krishna Kumari of Marwar and Jodhpur struggled and overcame much of the regions volatility that occured during the first decades of Indias’ independence, thus she is a symbol of strength, sense of family and duty.


Fürstin Marwar is a two-woman team with a combined 14 years wholesale and retail experience in the International textile market. Through extensive travel and studies throughout India, we feel in love with its`rich culture and decided to introduce a part of Kashmir lifestyle, that we enjoyed, into Europe.

We offer wholesale/retail opportunities through our website, showroom; located in Salzburg, Austria, and the CPD Tradefair in Düsseldorf. In addition, we recently opened a retail store in Salzburg.


Fürstin Mawar  -  Austria  -  Bergstraße 11  -  5020 Salzburg